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An older consumer sits in a wheelchair holding the hands of her nurse who is leaning down to speak with her.Do you feel like you need an advocate to navigate multiple resources?

Are you trying to help your loved one remain independent from a distance?

Have your parents asked you to please not place them in a nurse home and you need options?

Are you worried that a planned medical treatment will end with a long term nursing home stay?

Do you want to age in place and are not sure how to access the resources available to you?

Options Counseling

Our Nursing Home Transitions Team can help. We provide Options Counseling to work with you and/or your loved one to find the best way to maintain independence and safety.

Options Counseling for consumers includes:

  • Needs Assessment
  • Eligibility Evaluation
  • Short Benefits Analysis
  • Independent Living Options

If additional services are needed following the full counseling, we are able to offer services on a case by case basis. These services do require additional funding via state or federal programs (W/C, Medicare, Medicaid), private pay or public match.

These services include:

  • Advocate
  • Navigator
  • Peer Counselling/Peer Group Matching
  • Life Skills Training/Instruction
  • Case Management
  • Personal attendant
  • Equipment/Technology Access
  • Blind rehabilitation
  • Home Access Evaluation & Modifications
  • Transportation
  • Information & Referral.


Money Follows the Person

A federal program to assist people with disabilities in transitioning out of institutional care, such as nursing homes, and back into community living in their own home, with family members or in a small group home. If you or a loved one is living in an institution, and would prefer living at home, please contact Walton Options and ask to speak with an Options Counselor to determine if you qualify to receive funding to transition utilizing this program. For people who do not qualify for MFP funding, Walton Options will still work diligently to try to locate you into your preferred type of living situation to the greatest extent possible.

If you are interested in Nursing Home Transitions Assistance, please contact Walton Options on 706-724-6262 to speak with an Information and Referral Specialist. Or complete the Self-Referral Form online by clicking here.

Looking for more resources? Click on the links below to find out more about our Transition Services.

Youth Services

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