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Employment Services

A man sits at his desk with his hands on the keyboard. He is blind and utilizing the keyboard to navigate his computer. His seeing eye dog rests on a pillow bed behind him.For people with disabilities who have work goals, we have options.

If you have the drive to work, then you have the ability to work. Whether you are just beginning your job search or are looking to hone your skills, brush up your resume or learn the soft skills that employers are looking for, we can help. We bring employers and potential employees together to build a better community for everyone.

The Walton Options Employment Services Team works with consumers on a personal level to:

  • Explore Career Interest
  • Identify Workplace Goals
  • Match Resources and Talents
  • Understand Benefits Planning
  • Develop Preparedness Skills
  • And much more!

Through our programs & partnerships we are able to work to get you into the workplace and living the independent lifestyle you desire. Our programs include:


If you are interested in our Employment Services, please contact Walton Options on 706-724-6262 to speak with an Information and Referral Specialist. Or complete the Self-Referral Form online by clicking here.

Services Seal: Walton Options is an Authorized Social Security Ticket to Work Service ProviderWe are an authorized Social Security Ticket to Work Service Provider which means we understand the ins and outs of working while receiving SSI/SSDI.


Looking for more resources? Click on the links below to find out more about our Employment Services Programs.

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Ticket to Work
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