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For people with disabilities who aspire to be in the community, we have options.

A family of three outside, posing for a group shot. The Mother is on the left, the daughter on the right and the father standing behind both ladies.Walton Options believes all people, regardless of disability, have the right to live their lives independently in the community to the greatest extent possible. Therefore, Walton Options provides assistance to persons with disabilities and their families in transitioning from nursing homes and other institutional facilities into the community housing option of their choosing.

Walton Options is not residential or medical, however, our advocates assist in navigating these areas with the consumer in order to help them live independently. For more information contact our Information and Referral Services to discuss our Nursing Home Transition Options.

Most of our programs are free to low cost, though there are waiting lists for some services. You can also assist by making a donation to our Independent Living program to help persons with disabilities get the instruction and skills they need to live with minimal outside support.

If you are interested in our Transition Programs, please contact Walton Options at 706-724-6262 to speak with an information and Referral Specialist. Or complete the Self-Referral form online by clicking here .

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