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Information & Referral

Two men sit at a table. The man on the man on the left is looking at the older gentleman on the right and pointing at a form that he is assisting him to complete.Of our all of our core services, Information and Referral is the most extensive and most utilized service. At Walton Options, we work to provide our consumers with resources to help people live their lives independently in their own homes and communities. Although we cannot provide for every need of each individual on site, we have many community partners that we collaborate to provide extensive Information and Referral Services.

Network of Resources

The network of providers and agencies we utilize offer a variety community resources for persons with disabilities and for the elderly. Some of these resources include transportation, housing, finding a personal care attendant or emergency community supports (food, furnishings, disaster planning and preparedness).

Our partners include federal, state and community organizations such as:


How can we help you?

We offer a variety of services and information. Are you looking for:

  • Assistance with getting out of an institutional setting like a nursing home and into your own home?
  • Support Groups for yourself or a family member?
  • Guidance on assistive technology like computers, tablets, phones or other devices?
  • New tools to help in your search for employment?
  • Information on resources to assist you with staying in the community?
  • Assistance with local resources (housing, caregiver support, transportation, or financial assistance)?

We can help with all these and much more!

To get started, complete our Self-Referral Form to have one of our Information & Referral Specialists contact you concerning your request. You can also call our main Georgia Office at 706-724-6262 or our main South Carolina Office at 803-279-9611 to speak with an Information and Referral Specialist directly.

While we are not a crisis center, if you have a pressing situation, please contact the Walton Options Office that services your location.

Additional Resources

Information for the disability community is widely available beyond the Walton Options’ Network of Resources. We have found a variety of resources available that is as diverse as our community is. Are you looking for a support group services? Do you want more information additional resource organizations? Check out our list of Additional Resources to find more assistance.

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