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A man sits at his desk with his hands on the keyboard. He is blind and utilizing the keyboard to navigate his computer. His seeing eye dog rests on a pillow bed behind him.Walton Options believes in inclusive employment in our community. We strive to set the example as an inclusive employer in Georgia and South Carolina. We are able to offer resources and services because of the great people who work with us. At various times throughout the year, we may have positions available at Walton Options or know other employers who are looking to expand their work force.


Walton Options Vacancies

Currently there are no vacancies at the Walton Options offices. When posts become open, we will post them here.


Are you a job seeker?

Our Employment Services Department has the resources to assist you in finding employment and gaining skills that prepare you for the work place! You can call 706-724-6262 or visit our Employment Services Page to find out more about how we can assist you.


Are you an employer looking to make your business more inclusive?

Woman with a disability is in her wheelchair at her desk working on a computer.We provide services to local businesses and employers to assist them in tapping the greatest underused employment market – persons with disabilities. We help employers and companies make their businesses accessible, diverse and most of all, profitable!

We have a variety of programs including Employee/Employer Connections, Sensitivity Training, Assistive Technology/Workplace Access, Consultations, and Accessibility Surveys. Contact us today to find out more or to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs.



Are you looking for an opportunity to gain some experience while helping others on their IL journey? We are always looking for volunteers for our programs and services. If you are interested, please complete the online Contact Us form or call your local Walton Options Office.

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