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Peer Support

For people with disabilities who want to engage with peers, we have options.

Blue and green hand illustrations with the hands pointing inwards, arranged in a circle.Have you been looking for someone to relate to with a disability?

Would you like to meet others who are independent?

Are you ready to relate to someone who has “been there and done that”?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then our Peer Support Programs are here to help! Our Peer supporters are people with disabilities who mentor other people with disabilities by demonstrating and encouraging independence. They provide support as well as share their knowledge and experiences as persons with disabilities.

The I'm Sweet Peer Support group with four consumers sitting in a row looking at the camera smiling. The women are a variety of ages from young adult to older consumers.Peer support values the expertise that comes from being a person with a disability and the realization that often times the only person that can really relate to what a person with a disability is going through is someone that has “been there, done that.” While all of Walton Options staff members have gone through extensive training as Certified Peer Supporters, we also have many of our past consumers who have been through formal training and are happy and willing to provide support as well.

We have a variety of groups designed for persons of all ages with disabilities. Click here to see the full list of Peer Support programs we are currently running.

If you are interested in Peer Support Groups, please contact Walton Options on 706-724-6262 to speak with an Information and Referral Specialist. Or complete the Self-Referral Form online by clicking here.

Looking for more resources? Click on the links below to find out more about our Peer Support Groups.

Peer Support Groups

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