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Close-up of a woman's cheek with a tattoo that readers: Disability Rights are Civil RightsSelf-Advocacy is defined as the action of representing yourself or your views or your interests. We believe that to be truest when it comes to the rights of persons with disabilities. Decisions relating directly to your life should be made with your best interests in mind and who knows those better than you?

At Walton Options we believe “with equal rights come equal responsibility, or personal responsibility.” We encourage you to engage and participate, put in the effort to impact change and model for others the foundational principals referenced in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Personal responsibility stirs us into taking action over ourselves, the one person who we do have control of. Instead of simply complaining, we bring options for hopeful improvement. We become part of the solution as we reflect on ourselves.

Learn to advocate for yourself

We offer classes and guidance on self-advocacy for our consumers. Through our Life Skills Training Class we assist consumers in understanding the American with Disabilities Act and State disability rights and laws. Consumers will learn about the different types of advocating, and how they can advocate for themselves and others. Consumers will also learn how to access advocacy resources and advocate for themselves effectively in the job market and in their home community. You can find out more about our Life Skills Classes by clicking here.

If you are interested in more information about Self-Advocacy, please contact Walton Options on 706-724-6262 to speak with an Information and Referral Specialist. Or complete the Self-Referral Form online by clicking here.

Looking for more resources? Click on the links below to find out more about Advocacy.

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