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Our Mission

We believe all persons including those with disabilities, should be able to participate in their community. At Walton Options, we promote equality, inclusion and independence through Personal Choice, Personal Responsibility, Community Access, Education and Employment. Our goal is to help each person find and utilize the necessary, available resources on their personal journey to independence.

Our Passion

Simple, it’s our community and you. It’s believing that we can be a part of a community that is accessible and welcoming for people regardless of disability, and it’s seeing consumers achieve personal goals and realize that they are an integral part of the communities we live in and add value to the diversity of our community.

Our Work

A Walton Options team member works with a consumer to show them how to plant their own garden herbs.Walton Options offers much more than simple services. Through the various programs and outreach we do, we:

  • Guide persons with disabilities as they work towards new goals;
  • Teach consumers how to utilize resources to enhance their independence;
  • Promote the removal of attitudinal and architectural barriers;
  • Offer real, impactful learning opportunities;
  • Help consumers achieve self-sufficiency through understanding benefits such as Social Security Insurance (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).
  • Promote equal employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities, regardless of their disability through an Employment First position.


Our Community

A group shot of the winners of the Most Valuable Partners Community Awards 2016 immediately following the ceremony in front of the Walton Options backdrop.By working in and for our community, we are able to show that inclusion is easier than you think. Through small adjustments, reaching out, and thinking about including everyone in your activities, the CSRA and the South Carolina Low Country can be thriving, diverse communities. To learn more about our work, check out the latest Annual Report.



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